“ To me holography is a never ending learning process, full of contradictions. It is extremely precise, and yet intuition and ambiguity play a big part. Holography as a means to an end follows the theory to the letter and yet can be wildly empirical in its nature. In reality I don’t think it can be neatly categorised. It combines art, scientific imaging and craft – in equal proportions. The end result, which is essentially the subtle control and capture of light and space, could justifiably be considered as the work of an artist, and an artisan.”

About Us

Iñaki was introduced to holography as a teenager some 25 years ago, during a visit to an art exhibition in London (UK). In one way or another, he has been fully involved in the industry ever since.

Within a few years of this first encounter, he had set up a small facility for making basic reflection holograms, and soon moved into the field of multicolour reflection holography.  Iñaki’s formal education is in science; after studying Physics at Imperial College (London), he designed and built a studio for producing one-off display holograms, with an emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

Today, the same ethos applies.  His set ups and processes have seen many refinements over the years, leading to a steady improvement in quality, yet never losing sight of the visual content and its importance. Iñaki’s studio is now one of the only dedicated art and display hologram facilities in the world.

Iñaki’s focus for the first two decades was predominantly representational work, the idea being not to just faithfully replicate features of an object but to enhance its characteristics, giving the object a new lease of life. From a technical point of view this is about as challenging as it gets. It could be argued that if this aspect has been mastered then control of the medium is finally at least a possibility.

Iñaki now works more in the abstract, seeing holography simply as a tool to control light. Some of his more recent work combines holography with other photonic sources to give an end result that, for him, is the essence of pure light and its interaction with space.

As well as producing his own work, Iñaki offers bespoke training in-house and also travels worldwide as a consultant. He advises on all aspects of modern display holography, from the most advanced holographic cameras, to the installation of facilities in potentially challenging locations, anywhere from India to the USA.