The Holograms We Make

We focus primarily on achieving the very best quality images, both creatively and technically. No compromise on clarity, brightness, resolution or anything else that could be detrimental to the final result.

The holograms we make are :

  • The real thing, they are not lenticulars or an optical illusion using smoke and mirrors. These are REAL holograms!
  • For display purposes, as art pieces, promotional pieces or commercial.
  • Fully three dimensional with both vertical and horizontal viewing zones.
  • Produced entirely by hand. Because of this, every hologram is different.
  • One-off, limited edition or very small numbers (up to 20). Even in a limited edition each hologram will essentially be unique. The process involved is very labour intensive and the material costs are high, so the process could never be used for producing large quantities.
  • All recorded on the highest quality holographic glass plates. Each plate is made and coated by hand here in the UK, by Colour Holographic Ltd. In fact, all materials used for making the holograms are made in the UK or the USA.
  • As colourful as you want. From a single colour to multicolour, with colour mixing, including colours such as white and brown. Very unusual for a hologram. We specialise primarily in multicolour work.
  • All produced in-house. We are not an agent, and we do not subcontract to the Far East, or anywhere else for that matter. We produce the hologram from scratch, using in-house technology and skill base.
  • Designed to last. The hologram is washed thoroughly before sealing. These holograms, if stored in the correct conditions will last for many decades. Just as we still have photographic glass plate negatives from the late 19th century, so we would expect to see our holograms in 100 years.