Please contact us if you require consultancy from a holographic expert. The advantage we have over others is that we are making holograms every day so can offer the very latest advice on practises, advances, materials and equipment. Not just the theory!

Here are some of the areas we cover and advise on:

  • All forms of display holography, reflection, transmission, single step, two step, single colour, multicolour, H1/H2. You name it.
  • Scientific holography, including holographic interferometry and holographic optical elements (HOE’s)
  • Finding practical solutions to new concepts in holography.
  • Designing new studios, specifying location requirements, and sourcing the best equipment.
  • Bespoke design for key components such as plate holders and spatial filters.
  • Sourcing the very latest recording materials.
  • On-site teaching. If you have your own labs and need a little more expertise to help get you up to speed.
  • Troubleshooting. If you are having problems which are giving poor and inconsistent results.